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A perfectly clean, high performance engine

TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability/Performance of your vehicle.


The technology applies to motorcycles, cars (petrol & diesel), vans, trucks, motorboats, agricultural vehicles and plant and machinery.

What is TerraClean

Essentially it works by 'cleaning' all the build up of carbon, tars and varnishes. It cleans:

• Fuel injectors

• Injection pumps

• Combustion chambers,

• Valves

• Manifolds

• Oxygen sensors

The result is a return to the high performance car that years of wear and tear have lost.

How it works

We are the only authorised dealer of TerraClean in the Greenford area and as such are very proud to be able to bring this unique system to you. When you are looking for a quality garage to get the most from your car come to In-Car Centre at Greenford Middlesex.

Authorised dealers

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For an authorised dealer in the unique TerraClean system call at In-Car Centre in Greenford

020 8566 8544